You Will Be There’s Statement

You Will Be There

You Will Be There is a self-portrait series exploring issues of self, identity, sexuality, and gender role.

 I examine the relationship between the self and others in an intimate context, both privately and publicly,
opening a dialog about race, gender, role play, seduction, longing, and acceptance.

By photographing and displaying myself nude, I confront my own insecurity and vulnerability, leading to a series of personal investigations and acceptance of the body and its power. Each image arises from how I view myself and the world.

Making these portraits is a personal experience, a journey into a complex layer where identity is seen,

judged, but rarely discussed. It reveals my personal desire for an openness and a search to understand
not only who and what I am, but how the world understands me, regards me, and judges me.

This project is not only a personal response to a desire to understand myself, but also represents a greater, universal search for a place of belonging.