Desire Trilogy...

Desire trilogy and three other films (The First Conversation Between Frank and I, Journey, The Meaning of It All) are put into one DVD for public consumption for the first time. I am pleased with the marketing and the attention the film has received thus far.

The films are a fruit of my artistic endeavors that spans nearly 2 decades.

Life contains many journeys- some sweet, some memorable, and some utterly bitter; but without those journeys, we probably wouldn’t be able to understand who we are and our relationship with self, others, and the world.

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I have decided to take control of my photography and in order to access my personal gallery sections that contained un-censored images of male nudes, a one-time payment of $15 will be charged via PayPal.

If you are interested in seeing them, please show your support. This will allow me to continue shooting models.

Nothing is really free, isn’t it?

I hope you understand…..


As time goes by

I love people-watching. I love imagining what’s going on in their head and their mind. I see them as my actors and the world is a big stage. They enter the frame, and do their act, then exit the frame, and the new act begins. I like the intimacy and the quietness of each person who sits alone and mind their own business. I wonder if they are as lonely, sad, and self-reflective as I am. The anticipation and their anonymity of them intrigues me.



Life is an un-ending journey. The more you see and exposed to things, the sooner you come to senses of who you are and where you stand in the world, personally, politically, and philosophically.

Seeing the American Landscape allows me to understand the psyche of the people and of myself. A sad look at various sites as a reminder of the need to invade, conquer, and abandon; all these are a reflection of who we are as a whole - an insecure, needy, and unsatisfied being.


Portrait of A Stranger

Sometimes, you see something that intrigues your imagination in a random space. I took this image when I was on my way to a coffeeshop to meet with a friend. I like the reflection and the anonymity of the subject.