I run a one-on-one private workshop for those who want to learn a meaningful way to connect with art, self, and the environment. I focus not on the technical, but rather the artistic side of photography-how you create a more complex visual through the lens; how you dig deep into your soul and make a new discovery about yourself and your art. I also will give you an honest feedback of where you are in your artistic journey. My approach is quite simple: I will always be honest in teaching and critiquing, and you must remain an open mind when learning and receiving. After all, this is the only way you will grow as an artist.

My specialty lies in documentary, fashion, landscape, body, and filmmaking. Please familiarize yourself with my work and approach in art before you decide to take any a workshop with me.

If you are interested in a one-on-one workshop, please email me.

Each workshop is 3 days. My fee doesn’t cover your travel, lodging, and food.

Each workshop is $ 1,250. We will spend at least 20 hours together, during which we will engage in all aspects of art, while having a meaningful dialogue about life and the world.

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